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Guitar Man Art School in Klerksdorp

  • 23 Smit Avenue



  • Numbers

    Cell: 083 379 7944

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  • Guitar Man Art School offers students excellent opportunities in all forms of art by encouraging students to explore their potential and develop their creative talents. Our coaches and instructors make it a priority to see students reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Students will have fun while learning and experiencing the wonderful world of art from beginner to advanced levels.
    • Fun art lessons and projects
    • An introduction to the world of fine art.
    • Art Basics
    • Art Materials, Art tools, Art techniques and art fundamentals of drawing and painting.
    • Fine Feathers Art Lessons
    • Funky Art Lessons
    • Building Talent Art Lessons
    • Idols Art Lessons
    • Beginner Art Lessons
    • Apprentice Art Lessons
    • Maestro Art Lessons
    • Photography Lessons
    • Editing Lessons
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