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EQUIPMENT & REFRESHMENTS SUPPLIED: Screen; White board – non permanent markers; Flip chart & Paper; Note pads & Pens, Mints &  Bottled  water ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENTrequired will be charged separately. Digital data projector; DVD Player, PA System or Television. CONFERENCE PACKAGES A selection of Half-day, Full-day and Overnight Conference packages are available as well as a  choice of set menus.PRICING To be finalised once the number of people have been confirmed. Contact us for your choice of conference & conference needs.

Festive gatherings
Private functions
Engagements, weddings, baby showers and birthdays corporate functions, year end functions
Family & friends
Music events & art gallery, garden lounge
Private, executive and corporate catering
Personalised menu 
GREEN Stays has its own unique little forest with birding spots where you can enjoy our peaceful country environment. With it’s nature walk &  picnic facilities it is a truly outdoor nature experience in the centre of town.  
Contact us for a special tour with one of our guides. Select your picnic basket and experience a welcome  country ambience and tranquility of nature. 

Our dedicated team of Green Trainers do not only facilitates programmes & activities whether adventure based activities, team buildings or leadership programs, but also customise programmes to the satisfactory choice & selection of our clients.
We offer facilities up to 60 people nature walks, volley ball, swimming pool, plaasdam, kleilatgooi & obstacle course. Various customised activities, guided tours & petting zoo.
  • Camps,
  • Team Buildings,
  • Adventure Programmes,
  • Environmental & Conservation Programmes
  • Business & Leadership Development
  • Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Development
  • And a variety of customised programmes

    It's unique Petting Zoo & Children Party Venue in Klerksdorp, offering children the opportunity to interact with different animals by allowing them to feed, touch, smell & appreciate these animals in a fun and entertaining way. This is not only educational & great fun but also help cultivate a love for animals.

    mountain goats, ponies, sheep, horse, donkey, pot belly pigs, tortoises, bunnies, variety of ducks, farm geese, chinese geese, makou, chickens, guinea fowls, kolgans.

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